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Welcome to this acne news blog that deals solely with the latest information on acne (also known as pimples,zits and blemishes) and related topics.

There are so many millions out there who suffer the embarrassing skin condition known as acne, who surf the world wide web untiringly in search of the latest news on acne.

In this internet age ,there is information explosion on every subject and topic under the sun and the topic of acne is no exception.

There is so much information on acne and related topics on the world wide web published on a daily basis by various websites and information portals available online, that it is difficult to locate and visit each one of them to gather information.

Here is where I come in.

I make it my business to explore all the online resources that publish latest information on acne and related topics just to spare you the time,energy and the hassle of going to various sites to acquire this much needed information.

I intend to surf the internet for your sake to collect all the news on acne as it happens all over the world and present it in one place…i.e,to make things easy for you.

My name is Peria (aka) Shain Sha. I am passionate about all health related information in general,acne in particular.

This is so because so many millions of people especially adolescents suffer embarrassment and self imposed isolation this skin condition entails.

I intend to publish here,the latest developments in the field of acne,new product launches,alternative acne medications,testimonials,scam warnings and any other information related to acne.

The information that is published on this site is just for information purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

For all practical purposes,you must follow your physician’s advice and do accordingly.

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