Month: March 2017

Latest Acne News-31 March 2017

Ways to deal with blackheads

Your skin needs pores to keep it in good health by moisturizing naturally but there is an  annoying down side to it which is formation of blackheads if the pores are clogged. If you can’t avoid them,is it possible to conceal them at least? … more

Though blackheads are not as bothersome as puss filled whiteheads or as painful as deep skin cystic acne,we want to eradicate them nevertheless… more

How to fix big pores?

Women are worried more about their big pores than even wrinkles.Though pores are vital to skin health,enlarged pores are bothersome as they are seemingly adamant and refuse to budge…read more

Natural supplement to fight cystic acne

Acne treatments differ from person to person and what works for one, might not bring the same results for another with the same issue.Here is the story of woman who found the solution to her persistent cystic acne in the form of a natural supplement…read more 

How to use light therapy to combat pregnancy acne

Not all women have the enhanced skin glow associated with pregnancy but some women  on the contrary  suffer painful breakouts ….read more

How to hide acne by makeup

Here is a video that has gone viral which shows how to cover the whole acne infested face by using a foundation,that does not leave even a trace of acne…read nore

Are there effective high tech acne treatments?

There are umpteen ways to fight acne and now modern technology is playing  a useful role devising new high tech ways to combat acne….read more

A natural ingredient to stop acne in it’s tracks

Here is a natural ingredient that is very effective in dealing with acne and it has received rave reviews … read more

All about Best and worst facial oils for acne

Traditional remedies for acne involve facial oil massage thought to have positive therapeutic effect on the acne prone skin but not all oils are beneficial as some may aggravate the problem… more

Launch of new acne scar removal cream

The company Smoothrx,after years of research has launched acne scar removal cream that has become top selling product on Amazon…read more

New approach to deal with acne scars

There is a new and novel approach by doctors to deal with unsightly acne scars that has kindled hope in many acne scar sufferers ….read more

Can acne breakouts be sign of underlying health issue?

Though acne is a common skin condition affecting millions,it can be a symptom of hidden health issue ….read more

Sarecyclin-The promising new anti acne drug

The drug company Allergen is reporting that the new anti acne drug Sarecyclin is found to be effective in treating moderate to severe acne….read more 

A father’s worry about solving his daughter’s pimple breakout

Here is the question posed by a caring father as to how to solve his distraught daughter’s acne issues……read more

3 skincare beauty rips than can work wonders this spring

The changing seasons bring new skincare challenges and you need to keep pace with them so as not to be left behind……read more





Latest Acne News-29 March 2017

How to cope with menopausal acne?

If you think that acne breakouts occur only to teenagers or at the most youngsters and those women who are above 50 are safe from acne,think again.

Women who are in perimenopause  or menopause stage too can  have acne breakouts and mind you ,these are not due to excess sebum production ….read more

Bee brand medicated oil clears acne effectively

It is found that Bee brand medicated oil, generally used to treat skin surface wounds, has proven to be very effective in combating acne as it contains coconut oil and eucalytus oil as ingredients … more

Skincare tips from a beautician

It is always reassuring to have skincare tips from accomplished and experienced beauticians as they carry weight. … more

Pimple popping may not be the wise thing to do

Whenever a pimple appears,the urge to pop it is uncontrollable but there are sound medical reasons not to pop it… more

Simple acne cure from a beauty queen

Lets be honest with ourselves…acne is definitely not nice to look at and those fortunate people who are blessed with good skin,do not understand the agony and even trauma of acne sufferers…read more

Can skin redness due to acne be cured?

It is normal for acne sufferers to have  red spots over the skin surface where acne had been but it is not something nice to see. How to deal with the red spots,vindictively left behind by the retreating acne?….read more

The survey on the present status of acne in USA

The skincare company Curology has conducted a survey about the present status of acne in USA regarding emotional and physical struggles of women and what sacrifice they are ready for, to have clear skin……read more

How to deal with acne during summer?

Well ..Be ready for the onset of summer and to the host of skin issues like acne it may bring in it’s wake.Here are the do’s and dont’s … more

Know about acne and the ways to get rid of them

For some, acne appears suddenly at the most inappropriate times you can imagine like just before a date or a party as if it knows  when to strike to cause maximum damage ….read more

How to deal with whiteheads?

Whiteheads are closed comedones that contain dead cells, trapped dirt, oil and bacteria inside your skin pores. The normal ways of dealing with them like cleansing,toning and moisturizing may not help… more

Is there Effective treatment for all types of acne?

Though there is no one-size-fits-all solution for acne,your dermatologist can develop an acne regimen unique to you based on your skin type… more

Beauty tips for women with oily skin

If you have oily skin,your goal should be to balance, not dry. Oily skin needs spacial care and so you should not deprive your skin of it’s natural oils ….read more

How to use sleep time to improve your looks?

Almost a third of our lifetime is spent sleeping.Are there ways to make use of these hours productively to enhance your looks when you wake up?… more

Things to avoid if you have dry skin

Before going on a shopping spree for skincare products you must know what your skin type is.If you have a dry skin,avoid buying products with the following ingredients ……read more

Workplace makeup tricks

If you are a working women,there are some workplace makeup tricks you must employ to look better….read more






Latest Acne News-27 March 2017

How to deal with acne induced hyper pigmentation?

Hyper pigmentation is a skin condition that occurs after the acne had subsided,wherein a cluster of dark skin pigmentation appears on the spot where the acne blemishes had been.

This can be as devastating as acne itself because hyper pigmentation looks equally or more ugly than the acne blemishes ….read more

New herbal solutions for acne

After four years of thorough research,a leading scientific research organisation known as ‘The central institute of medicinal and aromatic plants(CIMAP) has introduced a new herbal medication for acne which they claim to be superior to others.

The reason is that this new herbal solution has effective and skin friendly ingredients like neem and turmeric…….read more

Skincare-You need more glow less shine

Many women have unsatisfying skincare regimen wherein by 11 A.M their makeup has almost withered and to their dismay they find that  they are left with greasy foreheads and worn out looks, making them miserable.

Besides they also have to cope with sudden acne breakouts aggravating the problem further.

Though the skin produces it’s own  oil, too much of it can be undesirable….read more 

Rare form of Acne that can be agonizing

Generally acne is considered to be a passing and inevitable part of adolescence but a certain form of acne can be very painful.

Here is the story of 15 year old Tiffany who suffered a rare form of acne that is excruciatingly painful.

She also had to endure emotionally painful taunts from her peers.

The first breakout occurred on her 11 th birthday but she could cover it up with makeup but the second one appeared under her arm which ruptured exposing a gaping wound…….read more

Know the other side acne drug Accutane 

Here is the story of a woman in her forties who suffered cysstic acne breakouts and took Isotretinoin also known as accutane as medication but she was unaware of the fact that this drug affects liver and as such she should keep away from alcohol…. read more

DIY home remedies that don’t work

Every acne suffer must have tried some form of DIY home remedies at some time or other as an  adolescent but there are some that don’t work as claimed  and you must be aware of it… more

Latest Acne News-26 March 2017

Does acupuncture work for acne?

Many acne sufferers wonder whether there are any effective acne treatments in alternative medicine which is known to be holistic in nature by treating the root causes rather than the symptoms . But there is a tolerable downside to it….read more

Here are the reasons you should visit a dermatologist in your twenties? 

One of the reasons is that the dermatologist can study your skin type to create your own unique skincare regimen suitable to you which can save time,energy and even money … more

Is it wise to mix skincare ingredients to target multiple skin issues at the same time?

When people have multiple skin issues,they tend to mix different skincare ingredients to target all skin issues at the same time which may not be the wise thing to do. The reason is that when you mix different ingredients,they may cancel out each other or create skin irritations as they may not be mutually compatible….read more

Turmeric oil can help fading acne scars

Turmeric oil dries out the pimples and stops fresh breakouts.Turmeric essential oil contains anti bacterial,anti fungal,anti microbial and anti parasitical properties and as such it should become part of your beauty regimen.Turmeric oil should not be directly applied to the skin but always be used with a carrier oil….read more

How to look 10 years younger 

Everyone wants to look younger than they really are and the secret lies in the mindset meaning ,being positive and having zest for life can help. Are you really happy about the weekend and enjoy every moment of it or become upset by thinking about what chores await you on Monday? Looking younger than your real age is more psychological than physical….read more

Beauty routine for busy working women

Busy working women need an effective beauty regime that nourishes and renews you without eating up much of your free time. The key here is to invest in high quality beauty products that do more than one thing….read more

Latest Acne News-25 March 2017

What to do if the skincare product you buy causes acne breakouts?

Some of you might have had the harrowing experience of buying a new skincare product hoping that it will lead you to the skincare goal you have in mind, only to find that it had caused acne breakouts.How to cope with such a situation…read more

Simple steps to protect yourself from pimple breakouts

If you think that it is difficult to deal with acne,think again.It is possible to protect yourself from acne,if you follow these simple steps……read more

Here is the natural and effective  way to deal with acne

Acne is a skin condition caused by clogged pores and if these get infected,it may lead to severe acne which might cause scars that don’t go away easily.Most acne sufferers prefer natural acne solutions to get rid of acne.Here is a natural way to deal with acne that might appeal to you. ….read more

Survey reveals that acne damages self confidence

Recently a survey was conducted to study the effects of acne among teenagers and over half of these adolescents said that acne causes depression and loss of self confidence. Some of these teens even contemplated suicide…read more

Easy tips to get rid of back acne

Back acne also known as bacne affects many women especially in summer. There are easy ways and tips to deal with back acne if you follow them diligently….read more

The diuretic drug Spironolactone can fight acne

Spironolactone is a diuretic drug used in clinics not only to increase the production of urine but also as an anti- acne drug for treating women with high testosterone levels for reducing sebum production …… read more

Ways to fight acne without washing your face

Usually washing to clean the affected skin surface is the very first step in fighting acne before applying any topical anti-acne agent. You will be surprised to know that there are ways to deal with acne that do not require washing… more

Why pimples erupt on the same spot?

At times when pimples uncannily appear on the same spot,it appears as though these pimples have brains of their own to plot conspiracies against your good looks. Are there reasons why it happens?….read more

How to prevent acne breakouts when you travel?

We all travel to choice getaway destinations at least once in  year to relax and rejuvenate our sagging spirits. How to prevent possible acne breakouts that might occur due to changed environment you are not used to…read more

Women value and trust beauty tips from their mothers

A study of 500 women conducted recently found that two thirds of women go to their mother for beauty tips as they feel that mother knows best… more

Acne news-24 March 2017

Acne sufferers are prone to self harm

A study by British skin foundation reveals that despite acne being a common skin condition, acne sufferers, especially the teenagers are bullied by friends and even by family members causing depression … more  

New acne treatment stick works without being messy 

There is a new acne treatment stick being introduced with benzoyl peroxide  which claims to be mess free unlike other products that use benzoyl peroxide requiring visits to bathroom for washing….. read more

A complete skincare guide for acne prone skin

Almost all of us faced the problem of acne, at least once in our life time and the experience is definitely not pleasant. Once you have signs which tentatively indicate that onset of acne is imminent, it is advisable to have an action plan….read more

Dermatologists recommended ways to deal with acne scars

It is really frustrating to deal with acne scars which take long time to fade affecting people’s self confidence. But it is heartening to note that there are ways to make acne scars fade ….read more

The relationship between bacteria and zits

Our skin is the largest organ which is home to many types of bacteria some good  some bad. It is really a mystery how acne causing bacteria is choosing to be active on some people but not others…. read more

Does acne prefer non-vegetarians more than vegans

Does being a vegan help in stopping acne breakouts? Here is the story of a woman photographer who suffered painful acne bouts in her teens and became a vegan after finding out that her non vegetarian diet was the reason….read more

Development of new topical acne gel 

As acne industry is huge,it attracts lots of investments in research and development of new acne products that have advantage over others….read more 

Is light therapy effective in fighting acne?

Medical research has found that light therapy is beneficial in fighting acne. Many futuristic looking tools are developed based on light therapy which in essence uses light particles for improving skin health… read more

Imbalance in various types of skin bacteria and microbes can cause acne

Human skin contains many different eco-systems in various parts of human body where many types of bacteria and microbes thrive. But when imbalance between these micro organisms occur due to various reasons,it may cause acne….read more

The real story of a man whose face was covered with blackheads

Here is the real life story of a man whose hot working environment caused baking of facial skin oil leading to clogging of the pores resulting in blackheads appearing all over his face almost like a mask….. read more 

What to do when pimple reappears on the same spot

People go to great lengths to remove a pimple and rejoice when it vanishes but for some, a new pimple appears on the same spot making them wonder what to do more

How to keep your skin healthy in summer

The hot season of summer tends to take a toll on your skin if you don’t take steps to protect your skin. Take preventive care before the damage is done and here are some beauty tips to improve your skin health in summer….read more

Beauty tips for soon-to-be-mums

If you are pregnant,your beauty needs are different due to demands made on the body by the developing child. Besides you may experience hormonal havoc affecting your skin and you may wonder how to manage your beauty regime….read more

Latest acne news as on 23 March 2017

Blackheads-The sure way to remove them without damaging skin

Blackheads pose a real threat to your  beauty and there are many ways to remove them.The downside of some of these methods is that they damage your soft  skin in the process. Is there a way to get rid of blackheads without damaging the skin?  click here to read more

Zits-The proper way to get rid of them without scaring

When you notice the sudden appearance of an ugly zit on your face that was not there yesterday, the overwhelming urge to squeeze it out of existence is understandable.Is it possible to pop it without more

How to choose the best topical agent for acne

There are so many acne medications out there, all claiming to be the right solution for you that the tyranny of choice is really overwhelming. How to know what is best for you?… read more

Affordable Acne medications that won’t break your bank

Most beauty products,especially for acne are undoubtedly costly and there is also no guarantee of definite cure to the complete satisfaction of the buyer whose needs are unique and varied. Are there acne products that are affordable?… read more

Do oral medications work for acne?

When topical agents fail to produce the desired results due to some medical reasons pertaining to the patient,dermatologists recommend oral acne medications.The question is whether there is any downside to it?  read more

How to treat hormonal acne connected to your periods

Many women are susceptible to acne breakouts due to fluctuating hormone levels during periods. What are the ways to deal with this type of acne over and above the stressful mood swings that are associated with periods? read more

As if the menstrual struggle is not enough,many women suffer the added bonus of acne compounding their woes……read more

What are the ways to prevent acne breakouts?

We all know that prevention is better than cure. Are there ways to prevent acne from occurring? Are they safe? Fortunately there are ways to prevent acne by healthy change in lifestyle and diet.  click here to read more 

Effective acne solutions that work

When you are looking for acne solutions that work, you are probably thinking of overnight creams but don’t discount the effectiveness or the suitability of acne masks that are proven to work… here to read more

Skincare tips for a smooth and flawless skin

Many do not realize that one can have glowing,smooth and flawless skin by simply  following certain skincare tips that have helped many….read more

Positive and negative ways sleep can affect your skin

It is the general notion that sleep improves your skin health leading to many benefits but many do not know that it all depends on how you sleep meaning the sleeping positions that you are accustomed to and the wrong sleeping position may affect the health of your skin adversely …  more

How to deal with embarrassing zits that appear just before your wedding day

Zits are despised and even feared by many women but the predicament of some of them whose wedding day is just round the corner can be very depressing. What to do when you face such a situation?….click here to read more

Is boil inside the nose dangerous?

One (un)fine morning when you find a boil inside your nose, you may not care much about it as it is not visible like a pimple. But you should know that a boil inside the nose can have nasty repercussions if it is not given the importance it deserves…. ….read more

Why you should never pop a whitehead

You see many pimple poppers online who take immense delight in popping pimples even in front of a camera without being squeamish but you should exercise caution when it comes to popping a whitehead…click here to read more

The acne wars many go through 

The devastating battle with acne can have a telling effect on the psyche especially if you are a woman. But now women are forthcoming in sharing with others, their unpleasant experiences during their acne battles ….read more

Butt acne-Causes and solutions

For women, butt acne also derisively called ass-ne can be a cause for concern because of the body part involved. Many keep it to themselves and at the most  google to find out the reasons …… read more

Effective mild acne solutions

Acne is a skin condition that affects millions of Americans. Acne medications vary according to the skin condition of the sufferer. What works for one, may not work for the other… here to read more 

Mistakes people make when dealing with oily skin

Ask those who are suffering from oily skin,they will say that they are ashamed of their oily skin but they may be committing some mistakes unknowingly that can be easily avoided….click here to read more

Learn how to stop uneven skin tone naturally

Your skin tone changes due to the aging process, leading to uneven skin tone over a period of time but there are ways to stop it if you want to….click here to read more

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Latest Acne News-18 March 2017

New remedy for pimples and other beauty tips

The issue of pimples is as old as the creation of mankind.For most acne sufferers it is time to get into fighting mode and search online and offline for right solutions. There are many simple remedies for pimples which may surprise many.Here are some beauty tips that may help. Click here to read more

How pimples on scalp appear and what are the remedies?

Pimples can appear anywhere in the body and that includes the scalp.When it occurs,no need to panic because the solution is easy.Click here to read more

What to do when the vanished pimples reappear?

There are times when you find to your horror that the pimple you drove out after painstaking efforts has shown it’s face again making you wonder what to do.Click here to read more

Learn the overnight process that makes pimples vanish

We all want quick fixes for all health issues and now there is a proven process to annihilate pimples overnight without the hassle of visiting your dermatologist which means you save money …. Click here to read more

Skincare at your own home

Many of those who suffer with acne issues, long for easy and less costly answers for fighting acne. Well …here is the story of a lady dermatologist also known as pimple popper, starting her own line of anti acne products… click here to read more 

How to remove a big pimple on nose?

Some people take extra precautions to prevent appearance of pimples by taking the right diet and keeping the skin clean but despite the efforts, pimples do appear.Here is the case of a massive pimple on nose….click here to read more

Now new App for acne for easy solutions

In this APP age there is an App for almost anything. Now there is an APP for acne too for exploring various options without stepping out of your home.The name of this App is ‘MDacne’ specially developed to help people with acne issues and that too without the need to step into the doctor’s office….click here to read more

New face mask to fight acne

This new face mask uses light therapy and it is designed to be used everyday. It is like at-home facial peel that has proven to work on 98% of the test subjects who experienced no breakouts after 12 weeks of usage. click here to read more

Things to avoid if you want to have clear skin

There are things you must avoid if you aspire to have a smooth and clear skin because these have pore clogging properties that inevitably lead to acne break-outs. What are they?  click here to read more

Beware of harmful skin care products

There are some acne creams that are harmful to the skin as they contain banned ingredients. Recently these products were seized in Devon to prevent them from being marketed….click here to read more

How to treat acne skin pigmentation

Some people develop dark spots and skin pigmentation after the acne recedes. The usual anti acne products  do not seem to work. What is the solution? …click here to read more 

How vitamins help in fighting acne?

When your diet contains the right nutrients like vitamins and minerals,they are found to help in fighting or even preventing  acne issues. Do you want to know about them? click here to read more

Natural home remedies for acne

You may be surprised to know that our kitchen contains many things that can be used for fighting acne.They are not only natural and healthy but also play a role in reducing your medical bills….click here to read more

Over the counter acne products that work

There are many acne products available over the counter that are very effective in dealing with acne.Normally over the counter products are considered to be less effective and at times even harmful.But there are exceptions here to read more

Foods that help you fight acne

When you make it a point to add  certain ingredients regularly  in your diet it helps fight acne and also improve the taste and aroma.Here is the list of them for your reference. click here to read more

How to treat acne scars

The main issue with acne is that it leaves behind tell tale signs in the form of scars that are not only ugly and embarrassing but also disfigure the face for life, especially cystic acne which even forces you to consider costly cosmetic surgery….click here to read more

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Latest Acne News-17 March 2017

Three natural pimple remedies

It is really a bad start to a day when you  see a pimple suddenly appears on your face and it really puts you off.But there are some natural ways to attack and annihilate it with things that are available at your nearest grocery store… here to read more

Fight acne wholeheartedly

All skin conditions that are visible to others especially acne affect the sufferers emotionally and most of the time they avoid contact with others till things are back to normal.

What is needed is understanding the issue so that we know what to expect and how to deal with the issue. … click here to read more

Blackhead removal-New options

Blackheads can be pain in ‘you know where’ especially when you are required to meet people on a daily basis either for professional purpose or social interaction.

When you want to remove blackheads fast there is an affordable DIY solution which is easy to try. … click here to read more

How to deal with acne holes

When acne appears on the face it sometimes leaves a hole when it recedes which can be embarrassing. There are many products available in the market to treat acne holes which may be effective but may have side effects… here to read more

Precautions before you buy OTC acne medications

There are umpteen number of acne products sold online and offline pharmacies and you do not know much about their potency.How to choose the right one among the many medications like gels, creams and lotions? click here to read more

Shortage of trained skin specialists

According to a leading dermatologist,there is shortage of skin specialists which has huge impact on patients suffering from acne. Patients have to wait long periods for treatment and the situation getting worse… here to read more

Inspiring story of an acne victim

Of course we all know how many are devastated by acne physically and emotionally.Here is the story of Katie Snooks who suffered the disfiguring cystic acne for 10 long years…click here to read more

Learn how to get rid of acne scars

Many suffer the aftermath of acne attack in the form of scars which can disfigure the face in varying degrees as per the severity of infection. They are known as ‘ice pick’ scars which are difficult to treat……click here to read more

Foods that fight acne

You can fight acne from within by adding  certain foods that have anti acne properties to your diet and observing some lifestyle changes which will help a lot.

When you introduce some new changes to your eating routine by introducing these foods,it will make a difference…. click here to read more
 What is Niacinamide and how it fights acne?
 Niacinamide is an anti aging ingredient that strengthens and boosts  the skin barrier which is the first line of defense against skin aggressors like UV radiation and environmental irritants. It also aids in skin water retention and overall skin structure.
 Niacinamide is also acts as an anti inflammatory agent and has anti acne properties wherein it helps in reducing papules and pustules associated with acne. It also improves skin tone… here to read more 

Can home made natural acne products really stand up to lab-perfected ingredients?


This is the story of a woman who tried home made natural skin care products because she felt that going back to basics is the right way as far as beauty is concerned and for starters she threw out all lab formulated skin care products and tried  home made ones for a week… here to read more

Activated charcoal for facial skincare


Activated charcoal is increasingly used as a an ingredient in many facial beauty products.It is a food and medical grade version of carbon that has many benefits It absorbs all bad stuff like toxins,bacteria leaving your skin clean and clear…….Click here to read more


Know how these household products you use daily are damaging your skin
 There are many household products that we use everyday that can affect your skin adversely which we are blissfully unaware of.These may look innocent and harmless but on closer inspection the story is different… here to read more
 Acne-Facts And Myths that you should know
As in every field,the subject of acne too has it’s share of facts and myths.Here is a through study about these facts and myths we all should know……click here to know more 

At home beauty care vs Spa treatments

If you consider home beauty care is inferior to spa treatments,think again.In this modern age, there is stiff competition between the two most probably due to paucity of time and also to save money… here to read more

 Does going natural really work for acne?
I am sure all of us or at least most of us have suffered acne break outs at least once or twice in our lifetime.We all know a thing or two of what works and what does not after spending much on products that promise the moon but fail to deliver… here to read more

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Latest acne news-16 March 2017

Learn to make your own DIY blackhead removal masks

Do you suffer from clogged pores? Here is the solution.Make your own blackhead removal masks at your home.

No need to visit a costly beautician for blackhead removal.

When excess oil in your face can clog pores in your face ,blackheads are formed.

The problem with blackheads is that they don’t go away unless you remove them.  click here to read more

How pimples can be indicator of health or ill-health for women

Do you know that sudden formation of pimples can be an indicator of your health condition.Yes…pimples might be trying to tell us about our health condition that we may be unaware of.

As per the ancient Ayurvedic system,the location of pimples can tell something about what is happening inside your body.

If there is sudden appearance of painful pimples  on your chin ,it may be due to out of control hormone production.

It could be also due to overproduction of androgen hormone and if it is really so , you may have to consult a dermatologist. Click here to read more

Good bacteria can be used to fight acne

The American firm AOBiome is already trying in trials using a good bacteria found in yogurt. A study in 2012 found that applying good bacteria on to the affected surface can fight mild acne.

Good bacteria is now added to creams and sprays to fight acne and other skin conditions….  click here to read more

Know the risk factors of acne in men

The risk factors involved in acne in males are Higher concentration of basal glucose,high blood pressure,higher body mass index(BMI) and higher waist-hip ratio and higher insulin levels…. click here to read more

The woman model who loved her acne ridden face by exposing it

Here is a woman who suddenly became famous by declaring that there is nothing wrong in having an imperfect skin.

Almost all women suffer from sudden outbreak of zits but here is a woman model who likes to pose with pimples on …click here to read more

How to deal with pregnancy acne?

Though pregnancy can be a wonderful, and  magical experience for every woman because suddenly you are faced with unfitting clothes, the urge to eat things with a particular taste and the appearance of zits to mention a few.

The choice of acne medication during pregnancy can be tricky because most of acne medications are not pregnancy friendly as these medications contain ingredients that might harm the baby which leaves you with limited options.

But there are some ways to treat acne during pregnancy if you know how to search and where to look…. click here to read more

New way to treat acne without side effects

The current method of treating acne involves the usage of orally administered drug Minocycline leading to side effects like headache,diarrhea,dizziness and stomach upsets.

BPX-101 which is a topical formulation of Minocyclin, developed recently may serve the purpose without the side effects…. click here to read more

How to reduce the redness of the pimple

The frustrating part with pimples is that the redness takes a long time to vanish on its own.But there are a few methods that help in reducing the redness that a pimple leaves on the skin….click here to read more

How to deal with pimple on the nipple

It is common for males and females to develop pimple on the nipple which is painful. But there are ways to get rid of them .If you want to know why such pimples develop and the remedies to get rid of them.. click here to know more

How to get rid of pimple fast naturally overnight?

It is always irritating to see the sudden appearance of pimple on your face which forces you to search for easy solution online or from friends.

There are some home remedies that can help you get rid of this unsightly pimple vanish overnight….click here to read more

Easy Laser treatment for pimples with no down time

Now there is a new way to treat pimples using laser treatment which involves no down time.The procedure takes around half an hour at the most but very safe….click here to read more

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