Hello Guys,

Glad to meet you online. I am a health and fitness addict.I am passionate about studying health related topics, diseases and disease prevention.

Though I am not a physician, I am obsessed with topics on health and diseases and make it a point to read any good health book coming my way and note down the important points which might be useful.I don’t subscribe to the theory that only a physician should have knowledge about diseases and their treatment.

This is information age and so it is imperative that we all should have some basic knowledge about health and also about all the diseases and ailments if not at least the major ones so that we can take precautions to avoid them and also that we know what to expect when we or our near and dear ones are stricken by them.

I created this website to write in depth about Acne because of the number of people affected by it and also due to the devastating effects it brings upon the sufferers.

This site is the culmination of years of study and research after collecting valid and useful information from authoritative resources online and offline without hype or fluff. I sincerely hope that this site helps you get the right acne information that you seek.

Here is my contact E-mail-    support@acnepimplescures.com