Latest Acne News-17 March 2017

Three natural pimple remedies

It is really a bad start to a day when you  see a pimple suddenly appears on your face and it really puts you off.But there are some natural ways to attack and annihilate it with things that are available at your nearest grocery store… here to read more

Fight acne wholeheartedly

All skin conditions that are visible to others especially acne affect the sufferers emotionally and most of the time they avoid contact with others till things are back to normal.

What is needed is understanding the issue so that we know what to expect and how to deal with the issue. … click here to read more

Blackhead removal-New options

Blackheads can be pain in ‘you know where’ especially when you are required to meet people on a daily basis either for professional purpose or social interaction.

When you want to remove blackheads fast there is an affordable DIY solution which is easy to try. … click here to read more

How to deal with acne holes

When acne appears on the face it sometimes leaves a hole when it recedes which can be embarrassing. There are many products available in the market to treat acne holes which may be effective but may have side effects… here to read more

Precautions before you buy OTC acne medications

There are umpteen number of acne products sold online and offline pharmacies and you do not know much about their potency.How to choose the right one among the many medications like gels, creams and lotions? click here to read more

Shortage of trained skin specialists

According to a leading dermatologist,there is shortage of skin specialists which has huge impact on patients suffering from acne. Patients have to wait long periods for treatment and the situation getting worse… here to read more

Inspiring story of an acne victim

Of course we all know how many are devastated by acne physically and emotionally.Here is the story of Katie Snooks who suffered the disfiguring cystic acne for 10 long years…click here to read more

Learn how to get rid of acne scars

Many suffer the aftermath of acne attack in the form of scars which can disfigure the face in varying degrees as per the severity of infection. They are known as ‘ice pick’ scars which are difficult to treat……click here to read more

Foods that fight acne

You can fight acne from within by adding  certain foods that have anti acne properties to your diet and observing some lifestyle changes which will help a lot.

When you introduce some new changes to your eating routine by introducing these foods,it will make a difference…. click here to read more
 What is Niacinamide and how it fights acne?
 Niacinamide is an anti aging ingredient that strengthens and boosts  the skin barrier which is the first line of defense against skin aggressors like UV radiation and environmental irritants. It also aids in skin water retention and overall skin structure.
 Niacinamide is also acts as an anti inflammatory agent and has anti acne properties wherein it helps in reducing papules and pustules associated with acne. It also improves skin tone… here to read more 

Can home made natural acne products really stand up to lab-perfected ingredients?


This is the story of a woman who tried home made natural skin care products because she felt that going back to basics is the right way as far as beauty is concerned and for starters she threw out all lab formulated skin care products and tried  home made ones for a week… here to read more

Activated charcoal for facial skincare


Activated charcoal is increasingly used as a an ingredient in many facial beauty products.It is a food and medical grade version of carbon that has many benefits It absorbs all bad stuff like toxins,bacteria leaving your skin clean and clear…….Click here to read more


Know how these household products you use daily are damaging your skin
 There are many household products that we use everyday that can affect your skin adversely which we are blissfully unaware of.These may look innocent and harmless but on closer inspection the story is different… here to read more
 Acne-Facts And Myths that you should know
As in every field,the subject of acne too has it’s share of facts and myths.Here is a through study about these facts and myths we all should know……click here to know more 

At home beauty care vs Spa treatments

If you consider home beauty care is inferior to spa treatments,think again.In this modern age, there is stiff competition between the two most probably due to paucity of time and also to save money… here to read more

 Does going natural really work for acne?
I am sure all of us or at least most of us have suffered acne break outs at least once or twice in our lifetime.We all know a thing or two of what works and what does not after spending much on products that promise the moon but fail to deliver… here to read more

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