Latest acne news as on 23 March 2017

Blackheads-The sure way to remove them without damaging skin

Blackheads pose a real threat to your  beauty and there are many ways to remove them.The downside of some of these methods is that they damage your soft  skin in the process. Is there a way to get rid of blackheads without damaging the skin?  click here to read more

Zits-The proper way to get rid of them without scaring

When you notice the sudden appearance of an ugly zit on your face that was not there yesterday, the overwhelming urge to squeeze it out of existence is understandable.Is it possible to pop it without more

How to choose the best topical agent for acne

There are so many acne medications out there, all claiming to be the right solution for you that the tyranny of choice is really overwhelming. How to know what is best for you?… read more

Affordable Acne medications that won’t break your bank

Most beauty products,especially for acne are undoubtedly costly and there is also no guarantee of definite cure to the complete satisfaction of the buyer whose needs are unique and varied. Are there acne products that are affordable?… read more

Do oral medications work for acne?

When topical agents fail to produce the desired results due to some medical reasons pertaining to the patient,dermatologists recommend oral acne medications.The question is whether there is any downside to it?  read more

How to treat hormonal acne connected to your periods

Many women are susceptible to acne breakouts due to fluctuating hormone levels during periods. What are the ways to deal with this type of acne over and above the stressful mood swings that are associated with periods? read more

As if the menstrual struggle is not enough,many women suffer the added bonus of acne compounding their woes……read more

What are the ways to prevent acne breakouts?

We all know that prevention is better than cure. Are there ways to prevent acne from occurring? Are they safe? Fortunately there are ways to prevent acne by healthy change in lifestyle and diet.  click here to read more 

Effective acne solutions that work

When you are looking for acne solutions that work, you are probably thinking of overnight creams but don’t discount the effectiveness or the suitability of acne masks that are proven to work… here to read more

Skincare tips for a smooth and flawless skin

Many do not realize that one can have glowing,smooth and flawless skin by simply  following certain skincare tips that have helped many….read more

Positive and negative ways sleep can affect your skin

It is the general notion that sleep improves your skin health leading to many benefits but many do not know that it all depends on how you sleep meaning the sleeping positions that you are accustomed to and the wrong sleeping position may affect the health of your skin adversely …  more

How to deal with embarrassing zits that appear just before your wedding day

Zits are despised and even feared by many women but the predicament of some of them whose wedding day is just round the corner can be very depressing. What to do when you face such a situation?….click here to read more

Is boil inside the nose dangerous?

One (un)fine morning when you find a boil inside your nose, you may not care much about it as it is not visible like a pimple. But you should know that a boil inside the nose can have nasty repercussions if it is not given the importance it deserves…. ….read more

Why you should never pop a whitehead

You see many pimple poppers online who take immense delight in popping pimples even in front of a camera without being squeamish but you should exercise caution when it comes to popping a whitehead…click here to read more

The acne wars many go through 

The devastating battle with acne can have a telling effect on the psyche especially if you are a woman. But now women are forthcoming in sharing with others, their unpleasant experiences during their acne battles ….read more

Butt acne-Causes and solutions

For women, butt acne also derisively called ass-ne can be a cause for concern because of the body part involved. Many keep it to themselves and at the most  google to find out the reasons …… read more

Effective mild acne solutions

Acne is a skin condition that affects millions of Americans. Acne medications vary according to the skin condition of the sufferer. What works for one, may not work for the other… here to read more 

Mistakes people make when dealing with oily skin

Ask those who are suffering from oily skin,they will say that they are ashamed of their oily skin but they may be committing some mistakes unknowingly that can be easily avoided….click here to read more

Learn how to stop uneven skin tone naturally

Your skin tone changes due to the aging process, leading to uneven skin tone over a period of time but there are ways to stop it if you want to….click here to read more

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