Latest Acne News-29 March 2017

How to cope with menopausal acne?

If you think that acne breakouts occur only to teenagers or at the most youngsters and those women who are above 50 are safe from acne,think again.

Women who are in perimenopause  or menopause stage too can  have acne breakouts and mind you ,these are not due to excess sebum production ….read more

Bee brand medicated oil clears acne effectively

It is found that Bee brand medicated oil, generally used to treat skin surface wounds, has proven to be very effective in combating acne as it contains coconut oil and eucalytus oil as ingredients … more

Skincare tips from a beautician

It is always reassuring to have skincare tips from accomplished and experienced beauticians as they carry weight. … more

Pimple popping may not be the wise thing to do

Whenever a pimple appears,the urge to pop it is uncontrollable but there are sound medical reasons not to pop it… more

Simple acne cure from a beauty queen

Lets be honest with ourselves…acne is definitely not nice to look at and those fortunate people who are blessed with good skin,do not understand the agony and even trauma of acne sufferers…read more

Can skin redness due to acne be cured?

It is normal for acne sufferers to have  red spots over the skin surface where acne had been but it is not something nice to see. How to deal with the red spots,vindictively left behind by the retreating acne?….read more

The survey on the present status of acne in USA

The skincare company Curology has conducted a survey about the present status of acne in USA regarding emotional and physical struggles of women and what sacrifice they are ready for, to have clear skin……read more

How to deal with acne during summer?

Well ..Be ready for the onset of summer and to the host of skin issues like acne it may bring in it’s wake.Here are the do’s and dont’s … more

Know about acne and the ways to get rid of them

For some, acne appears suddenly at the most inappropriate times you can imagine like just before a date or a party as if it knows  when to strike to cause maximum damage ….read more

How to deal with whiteheads?

Whiteheads are closed comedones that contain dead cells, trapped dirt, oil and bacteria inside your skin pores. The normal ways of dealing with them like cleansing,toning and moisturizing may not help… more

Is there Effective treatment for all types of acne?

Though there is no one-size-fits-all solution for acne,your dermatologist can develop an acne regimen unique to you based on your skin type… more

Beauty tips for women with oily skin

If you have oily skin,your goal should be to balance, not dry. Oily skin needs spacial care and so you should not deprive your skin of it’s natural oils ….read more

How to use sleep time to improve your looks?

Almost a third of our lifetime is spent sleeping.Are there ways to make use of these hours productively to enhance your looks when you wake up?… more

Things to avoid if you have dry skin

Before going on a shopping spree for skincare products you must know what your skin type is.If you have a dry skin,avoid buying products with the following ingredients ……read more

Workplace makeup tricks

If you are a working women,there are some workplace makeup tricks you must employ to look better….read more