Latest Acne News-5 April 2017

How coconut oil can help fight acne

It is well known that coconut oil has beneficial therapeutic effects on the skin apart from being a good cooking medium.It contains healthy saturated fats which improves heart health.It works as a moisturizer on the skin and contributes to skin health… more

DIY green tea facial spray that combats acne

The sweltering summer is here that is sure to affect your skin.Here is a DIY facial spray that contains simple ingredients to brighten up your face.Besides,this magical spray kills troublesome bacteria and moisturizes the skin too….read more

The diet that keeps acne breakouts at bay

Actress Kate Hudson confesses how she struggled to keep pimple breakouts at bay but found the key to success by changing her diet to vegan……read more

Overnight(almost) solutions to acne

You get pimple breakouts easily but it seems they take forever to vanish,leaving behind nasty looking, difficult to treat scars but there are ways to get rid of these pimples ¬†…read more

Tea tree oil destroys acne causing bacteria

Tea tree oil has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties and as such it is useful as a weapon against acne.If you make it a regular habit to apply tea tree oil over the affected skin area before going to bed,acne and acne scars disappear over a period of time… more

Use apple cider vinegar as a weapon against acne

When it comes to fighting acne,much ignored apple cider vinegar languishing in your kitchen cupboard can be of help. It has good anti bacterial properties to fight acne besides moisturizing your skin……read more

New vaccine for acne?

The real reason behind why acne is difficult to cure is that scientists even now do not know why or how acne occurs and why some people are more prone to acne than others.Now an acne vaccine is being developed by scientists that is expected to bring a total change to the way acne is being treated now… more

Weird looking cactus is effective against acne

Believe it or not,here is weird way to treat acne which is,rubbing acne with a thorny cactus but surprisingly found to be very effective. This is the conclusion arrived at by ¬†professors at the university of Massachusetts after an expensive ten year study….read more

How to prevent acne breakouts?

Though very little is known about acne as to why it occurs to some more than others causing mental trauma and at times self imposed seclusion but it is heartening to note that acne can be prevented ….read more

Here are some women who prefer not to hide their acne

Though most women try to somehow eliminate or at best conceal acne breakouts,surprisingly there are some who do not hesitate to flaunt their acne ridden faces as though they are proud to be seen with their facial flaws….read more

Want to try the caveman(woman) regimen for your acne?

What is caveman acne regimen? It is a new method by which you give up regularly used cosmetic products with chemical ingredients which are believed to be the real cause of all our skin issues which include dryness,wrinkles… more

Why pimple popping is to be avoided

It is definitely not a good idea to pop your pimple though your situation calls for it because it is based on sound medical advice.There is a triangular area on our face which is a no go area as far as pimple popping is concerned … more